About Nini Baby

Better sleep for babies, built on generations of experience

Founded by husband and wife Kev and Suze Patel, Nini Baby was born out of the couples first experiences of parenthood. Struggling with sleep in those first precious months, Kev’s mum bought them a traditional Indian swinging cot, similar to what he’d slept in as a newborn. The cot quickly became their sleep saviour – rocking their newborn son to sleep in minutes. The couple knew they had to share this experience with other parents, and so the idea for NiniPod was born.

Baby products designed by parents for parents

Nini Baby was founded by two parents who found a better way to get their baby to sleep and wanted to share it with the world. Our products are thoughtfully designed to create a better connection between you and your baby. Built from the highest quality materials to the highest safety standards, our first product, NiniPod is a category defining cot that creates better, healthier sleep through movement.

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The Nini Baby story

Nini Baby was born out of our first experiences of parenthood, we really struggled with sleep in those initial months with our first born. Kev’s mum lent us this traditional Indian swinging cot which he’d slept in as a newborn – we figured – we’ve tried everything else, let’s give this a go.

It was just a sling attached to an A-shaped frame, which swaddled our son and allowed us to swing him gently from side to side. This mini-hammock-like device quickly became our sleep saviour – rocking our baby boy to sleep in minutes in a way we just hadn’t been able to before.

NiniBaby founders and designers of NiniPod, Kev and Suze Patel
NiniPod is amazingly effective at getting your baby off into a safe and peaceful sleep

Making better sleep for parents and babies

We couldn’t believe how something so simple could be so effective and we just had to share this amazing experience with other parents. So in 2017 we stepped into the unknown and embarked on an exciting three year journey to make better sleep for parents and babies.

Making better sleep for parents and babies

Whilst we were researching, we realised that Indian, Asian and Eastern cultures have been using similar devices to get babies to sleep for thousands of years. This wasn’t just a lucky break for us – this was a technique proven by countless generations. Our goal was to rethink those traditional styles to make our product suitable for modern families and aligned with UK safety standards without losing it’s amazing sleep-inducing properties.

Inspiration for the NiniPod was taken from Indian, Asian and Eastern cultures which have been using similar devices to get babies to sleep for thousands of years
Designed in the UK to British Standards and Lullaby Trust safe sleep guidelines, NiniPod sets a new standard for safe sleep

Designed in the UK

Our Head of Product Design, Nathan, has worked with us every step of the way to transform our traditional swinging crib into what we now know as the NiniPod. The NiniPod is designed in line with The Lullaby Trust Safe Sleep Guidelines and built to conform with British Standard BS EN-716:2017 for a safe and worry free nights sleep for parents and babies alike.

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