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Nini Spacer Mattress

The Nini Spacer Mattress is a patent-pending cot mattress that provides safety, unparalleled breathability and comfort for your baby. 

We realised when we were designing NiniPod that in order to use existing mattress designs with our product, we’d have to compromise on one or more of these critical elements. So, like every other part of NiniPod – we simply decided not to compromise. Instead, we went back to the drawing board to redesign and redefine cot mattress technology.

The Nini Spacer Mattress is made up 4 independent layers:

Mattress Topper, Support Board, Support Mesh and Spill Sheet.

NiniPod comes with one Nini Spacer Mattress as standard, however if you wish to buy a spare Mattress Topper (the very top layer) you can do so below ↓

Mattress Topper

*For use with NiniPod only

  • Fully breathable – no restriction of airflow
  • Allows consistent air circulation
  • Reduces heat build up, which helps baby regulate temperature
  • Superior pressure distribution compared to foam based mattresses
  • Machine washable and fast drying


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Every NiniPod comes with a Mattress Topper as part of the Nini Spacer Mattress but you can buy extras here if you feel you might need more. 

A new breed of cot mattress

Support, breathability and safety right to the core

Designed to work in harmony with NiniPods large mesh windows, the lightweight and breathable Mattress Topper helps maximise air circulation around the NiniPod as your baby sleeps. The specially woven nature of the Mattress Topper means heat is drawn away from baby, allowing them to regulate their temperature better.

The patent-pending Nini Spacer mattress is lightweight, breathable, firm and flat and because of it’s unique pressure distribution, we’re currently researching how it can reduce the risk of flat head syndrome.

The Mattress Topper zips over the NiniPod mattress frame – allowing you to remove and machine wash if needed. We have a detailed blog post about the Nini Spacer Mattress as a whole if you want to learn more.

NiniPod FAQs

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The Nini Spacer Mattress is made of four separate layers - all of which can be accessed by parents by unzipping the mattress layers from each other. From top to bottom they are:

  1. Nini Spacer Topper
  2. Support Board
  3. Support Mesh around an aluminium frame
  4. Spill Sheet

Of the four layers, the Nini Spacer Topper is the only one which baby will be in direct contact with, as this is the layer they sleep on. Any spills will pass through this layer due to the porous nature of the 3D spacer fabric it’s made from.

The two layers directly below, the Support Board and Support Mesh, can be easily wiped clean. The Spill Sheet is there to catch anything if it makes it through the other three layers, and although it is machine washable, it is also easy to wipe down for quick night changes.

The Nini Spacer Topper is the only layer you would need to swap out, whether for spills or just to keep clean in general - just as you would with bed sheets. Because of this, the Nini Spacer Topper is the only layer you would need a spare of, so for now, we provide just the Nini Spacer Topper as an extra purchase.

Every NiniPod comes with one Nini Spacer Mattress. As all layers of the mattress are removable, wipeable or washable, and dry in a few minutes there’s no need for spare mattresses with NiniPod. We do however recommend having a spare Nini Spacer Topper and sell those on our website.

Depending on customer feedback, we may look to provide an option for you to buy an additional whole mattress in future if yours gets lost or damaged. If you have a NiniPod and think this would be useful, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.

We strongly recommend you do not use any other cot / crib mattress with your NiniPod as it could seriously compromise safety by introducing gaps which can be dangerous for your baby.

The type of mattress a baby sleeps on plays a critical role in the overall safety of a crib / cot. The Nini Spacer Mattress has been developed to be flat and firm but also provide a breathable and comfortable surface for baby to sleep on. As it’s been specifically developed for the NiniPod it means there are no gaps on the edges for the baby to trap themselves in.

Increased airflow simply means more air can permeate through our mattress compared to other standard crib / cot mattresses. This plays a significant role when baby can start rolling onto their tummy as it means airflow isn’t restricted if your baby was to breathe directly into the mattress.

Additional Information

*The Mattress Topper is intended for use with the Nini Spacer Mattress in NiniPod only*


Length: 91cm
Width: 51cm




100% Polyester


  • Machine washable at 30°C on delicate cycle
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Iron friendly (low temp)
  • Keep away from fire
Made for

This product is made to work in perfect harmony with NiniPod: the Cot that creates better sleep through movement