What’s so special about the Nini Spacer Mattress?

The Nini Spacer Mattress is a patent-pending cot mattress that provides safety, unparalleled breathability and comfort for your baby. It’s the first cot mattress on the market with no compromise on safety, breathability or comfort.

Almost all cot mattresses provide three critical features for sleeping babies:

  • Safety
  • Breathability
  • ..and comfort

In traditional cot mattress design, improvements in one area can lead to degradation in others. For example: to increase the breathability of a traditional foam cot mattress, you could add more air holes to create a less dense but more breathable foam. However, this change would seriously compromise safety and comfort by creating a much softer, less supportive sleeping surface to such a degree that the mattress would be unsafe for your baby to sleep on.

It’s a delicate balancing act that traditional manufacturers continually struggle with. A fact laid bare in the Which? report, which found that 60% of currently available mattresses failed their rigorous testing due to safety issues. 

How we met the challenge of traditional cot mattress design

We grappled with these challenges as we designed the NiniPod but in the end we simply decided not to accept these traditional trade-offs in our product. Instead, we went back to the drawing board and redesigned the cot mattress from the ground up.

Here’s how:

The Nini Spacer mattress is composed of 4 distinct layers that parents can access, clean and replace.

Nini Spacer topper

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Support board

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Support Mesh and aluminium frame

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Spill sheet

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  1. Nini Spacer Topper – This machine-washable top layer is made from an innovative 3D spacer fabric which provides a comfortable and fully breathable sleeping surface. The tiny air holes in the quick-drying surface structure allow any liquids to escape immediately to the layers beneath.
  2. Support Board –This layer keeps the mattress firm and flat creating a comfortable and safe sleeping base. This layer can be removed and wiped clean.
  3. Support Mesh and aluminium frame – This wipe-clean layer is positioned in the core of the mattress and provides comfort, structure and support. Composed of a breathable mesh fabric pulled taut across a strong and light aluminium frame, this core mattress layer helps baby feel supported but also as if they are sleeping on a cushion of air.
  4. Spill Sheet – The machine-washable bottom layer catches any unwanted spills from leaking onto the floor. This layer also houses the Pull Strap which allows you to rock the pod from up to 2 metres away.


  • The support board and support mesh play the important role of keeping the Nini Spacer Mattress firm and flat.
  • The mattress zips seamlessly into the NiniPod leaving no gaps for baby to get trapped.
  • The top layer of the mattress is machine washable and quick drying so a mattress cover isn’t required. This part is available for purchase if you want to keep any spare. This removes the risk of ill-fitting mattress covers and the potential hazards they bring. 
  • The zip locks onto a D-ring when closed and is covered with a velcro flap making it inaccessible to baby.


The Nini Spacer Mattress has a topper made of highly breathable and supportive 3D Spacer fabric – a first for a baby cot

The top layer of the mattress, the Nini Spacer Topper, is made from two layers of an innovative 3D spacer fabric. The fabric fibres are intricately woven together creating hundreds of thousands of tiny air pockets – making a comfortable, soft and breathable surface. This means if baby were to roll over onto their tummy (common for babies from 3-4 months onward) they’d be able to breathe straight through without obstruction, even if their nose and mouth were against the mattress.

The mattress core is composed primarily of air. With a simple aluminium frame and breathable mesh stretched over it to provide support and comfort.


  • The Nini Spacer Topper is made from 3D spacer fabric. This material is used in many other applications (like car seats) because of its unique ability to distribute pressure evenly, and its heightened breathability. Coupled with the other mattress support layers sitting beneath it, our mattress provides a comfier surface for babies to sleep on compared with traditional foam-based mattresses. 
  • The versatile structure of the Topper means it is porous, therefore any leaks or spills no liquids cannot pool on the surface and would drain to the layers below to be easily wiped clean of. The Topper can be easily washed and the positive airflow allows for quick drying – usually in under 30 mins depending on room temperature.

Want to know more about the NiniPod? Check out the NiniPod product page or head over to the Nini Mattress Topper page for more FAQs on the product.