How a Swing Cot Can Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Is your little one struggling to sleep through the night? Don’t worry, it’s a challenge that many new parents face. Maybe it feels like you’ve tried everything, (including the late-night Googling) to find a remedy that’ll help you both get a good night sleep! Well, the solution isn’t as far-fetched as you may think. A simple swing cot could be the answer you’re looking for. It worked for us, and now, we want to share our experiences with you.

We really struggled to get our first baby boy to sleep in those early weeks. We thought we’d tried everything, until we were gifted a traditional Indian cot by one of our parents. Within minutes of bedtime, our little boy was asleep – we knew we had found our ‘sleep through the night’ solution. At Nini Baby, we are parents ourselves, and when we created our swing cot, NiniPod, we wanted to design from our own experiences, for other parents. So, here’s how a swing cot could help your little one sleep through the night.

Natural Movement

It’s no wonder that babies tend to sleep better when comforted, rocked or swaddled. For 9 months, they have been used to the gentle motions of everyday life in the womb; even when they’re sleeping. Standard cribs are often static and rigid. This is the complete opposite of what baby has been experiencing in life so far. Existence outside of the womb is naturally a shock to the system, so it makes perfect sense that little one could find it hard to settle to sleep as they adjust to their new surroundings and routine.

A swing cot allows those natural movements that baby is so used to during sleep. NiniPod gently rocks, like a hammock, accommodating baby’s every move. You can also control the cot for extra movement with the easy access pull strap.

Safety and Comfort

In these early months, it’s recommended that the safest position for baby to sleep in is on their back. Our Nini swaddle ensures that baby is safe and secure all night, gently attaching to the crib mattress, to help baby feel calm and comforted during sleep. No matter the angle NiniPod is positioned in, it allows baby to move naturally, whilst keeping them safe. Baby will be cosily cocooned, preventing the startle reflex from waking them, yet still have the ability for natural arm and leg movement. Additionally, the swaddle has a removable liner. This makes it suitable for both winter and summer use, with the option to swaddle baby completely or have their arms free.

Unparalleled breathability within the mattress and increased airflow from the mesh sides of the swing cot mean that should baby roll onto their tummy, they’re able to breathe right through the mattress. You will also have visibility at all times. Peace of mind makes for a peaceful night’s sleep!

Adjustable Portability

Wherever you are, the NiniPod swing cot will enable your baby to sleep through the night. It’s portable, which means it’s easy to pack up and take wherever you decide to venture. It takes a couple of minutes to set up and ensures that wherever you stay, it’ll feel like a home from home for baby. This provides a good night sleep anywhere.

It’s also adjustable to accommodate any sleeping situation. For example, if your hotel bed is higher than yours at home and you’d like to have a clearer view of baby, you can adjust the height with a few simple clicks. If baby is a little congested, you can easily adjust the incline of the crib on one side. This will encourage congestion away from the head and chest.

Get in Touch

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