How To Swaddle A Baby

‘The baby burrito’ aka swaddling your newborn has been hailed as one of the best things you can do to ensure a consistent sleep pattern at night-time. Our NiniPod comes with an attaching swaddle because we have seen first-hand the excellent benefits that swaddling can promote in sleep. So, if you haven’t tried it before and find yourself typing ‘how to swaddle a baby’ into Google, you’re in the right place. Here, Nini Baby details exactly what swaddling entails and the benefits of doing so with your little one.

What Is Swaddling?

For thousands of years, swaddling has been used as a method for soothing and calming babies. The traditional technique involves wrapping baby in a light and breathable blanket so that they feel snug and secure. It’s a position that baby is already used to, having been safe and warm inside of you for 9 months, hence why it aids peaceful sleep and comfort.

The Benefits

When you think of how to swaddle a baby, it’s important to remember that it is a way of easing transition from womb to the ‘outside world.’ Keep it simple. One comfortable blanket or swaddle is enough, and you don’t have to be holding your baby the whole time either. Each baby is different, but the main benefits of a swaddle are:

  • Baby will be comforted, making it easier for them to settle to sleep.
  • Baby will feel a sense of safety and security, mimicking the snug environment of the womb.
  • A swaddle will prevent your newborn from being woken by the startle reflex. (Being woken by natural, involuntary arm and leg movements.)
  • Combining these elements could mean that baby has longer, better quality sleep, which is fundamental for physical and mental development in these early stages.

Is Swaddling Safe?

Yes, it’s completely safe, so long as you know how to swaddle a baby properly. It is important to be aware of the risks that incorrect swaddling poses. Hip dysplasia can be caused from swaddling that is too tight. It’s important to ensure that your baby’s legs can kick freely and move into the natural frog legs position, even when being swaddled.

Overheating is another risk. Babies can’t control their own body temperatures like we can. So, swaddling too tightly or using a blanket that is too thick could lead to a significant increase in body temperature. Damp skin and hair, flushed cheeks and hot skin can indicate overheating. Regularly check that your baby is at a comfortable temperature for sleeping and remove excess layers if necessary.

It is important to mention that once baby starts rolling over, they can no longer be swaddled. Swaddling works well in the early newborn phases but can be restrictive and pose risk of unsafe sleeping after around 4 months, or a little later.

So, How Do You Swaddle?

Firstly, a swaddling blanket should be made of light, breathable material. You could use:

  • A large muslin cloth.
  • A lightweight baby blanket made of cotton.
  • A purpose-made swaddle with a hip-friendly design and special fastenings or ‘wings’.

How To Swaddle A Baby Step By Step:

1. Spread the blanket out on a flat surface, in a diamond shape. Fold down the top corner.

2. Lay your baby face-up on the blanket, with their head just above the folded top corner.

3. Gently put baby’s right arm down by their side. Then wrap the right corner over your baby and tuck it underneath their left side.

4. Bring the bottom corner of the blanket up over your baby’s feet, towards the chest, leaving the neck and face uncovered.

5. This next step is the mirror image of step 3 – Gently position your baby’s left arm by their side and wrap the left corner over them, tucking it in under the right side.

6. Check that the swaddling isn’t too tight or constricting, especially around the hips and legs. Your baby’s legs should be free to fall into frog legs position.

Swaddling with NiniPod

Learning how to swaddle a baby couldn’t be any easier with NiniPod. Our swaddle actually comes with our carefully designed rocking baby cot, for ease and convenience. Made from 100% cotton, the Nini Swaddle ensures baby stays safe, sleeping on their back. Its hip friendly design allows baby to be cosily cocooned, preventing the startle reflex from waking them. Baby will still have the ability for natural arm and leg movement, with the option to have their arms free, unlike some other swaddles on the market.

The soft wings secure baby to the NiniPod, giving parents peace of mind that baby will stay central throughout the night and won’t roll onto their tummy. Additionally, our swaddle comes with a removable liner, which makes it suitable for both winter and summer use!

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