Nini Baby: A Sleep Solution Inspired by Tradition

Restful sleep in those first few precious months is essential for your little one. In that time, they are not only growing physically but their brain is developing at an even quicker pace. Regular, uninterrupted sleep means that their little bodies can focus on growing in a healthy and timely manner – it is a necessity.

However, many reading this will have discovered that it’s easier said than done. Struggling to get your newborn to sleep is something that so many parents face. In fact, as a couple we also dealt with this, which was the main catalyst for creating Nini Baby and NiniPod.

At Nini Baby, our award-winning brand aims to re-define cot time for your little one by using natural movement to aid safe and restful sleep. In this blog post, we’re going to tell you a little about our brand, and how we can help you become part of the ‘better sleep movement’!

Our Experience

When our first baby boy was born, we really struggled to settle him in his Moses basket, no matter what we tried. When we put him down, it would take a long time to get him to sleep, which for new parents is certainly unnerving; it’s no secret that new parenthood can be difficult and overwhelming at times. Shortly after, we were gifted a traditional Indian cot by one of our parents. It completely changed things for us. Our little boy was asleep within minutes and began sleeping through both nap time and night time.

We started to look at the differences between what we had been using previously, and our new gift. The traditional swinging mechanism is something that has been around in the Eastern world for a long time, yet there was nothing like this in the UK, or Western culture. We wanted to share our experience with other parents; thus, Nini Baby was born.

The Importance of Tradition

When creating NiniPod, we were really interested in bringing Asian and Eastern traditional culture to Western culture. Devices like this have been used on the other side of the world to help get babies to sleep for thousands of years; rocking and swaddling is a sleep technique proven by countless generations. We wanted to rethink those traditional styles and make them suitable for modern families. We knew that the gentle rocking was key to helping our son sleep, so it was fundamental that the cot was developed with this in mind. As parents, we wanted to design from our own experiences, for other parents.

The Better Sleep Movement

It’s no wonder that babies struggle to sleep in normal cots. If we think about it, in the womb, baby is constantly moving around and becomes used to gentle motions, even when sleeping, for 9 whole months. Going from that to sleeping completely still and on their back is a sudden shock. So, it makes perfect sense that they could find it hard to settle as they adjust to life outside the womb.

NiniPod gently rocks, like a hammock, mimicking the natural movements of the womb. You can even control your cot with the simple swinging handle. Our swaddle attaches to the mattress, to help your baby feel comforted and calm whilst sleeping on their back, which is the safest way for our little ones to sleep.

Other Features

At Nini Baby, we design with you in mind. Ease of use and smart aesthetics are at the forefront of our vision. NiniPod is easy to set up and equally as easy to pack down – making it ideal for travel. It’s easily adjustable, meaning that you can even tilt the crib at an angle, helping with decongestion & reflux.

The Mattress Topper and sides of the cot are comfortable and breathable. We’ve redefined cot mattress technology, focusing on safer sleep. Unlike other cribs, NiniPod comes with an extension. As your baby grows, the cot grows with them, gaining you those extra months of usage. In beautiful minimal, scandi-esque designs, it’s available in Nordic Grey and Arctic White, to accommodate any family home.

Get in Touch

If you’d like to join the better sleep movement and learn a little more about Nini Baby products, then we’d love to hear from you! Follow our journey @ninibabyuk, or feel free to contact us with any questions here!