Nini Baby Discuss Preparing for Your Little One: Top 5 Essentials You Must Have

From Babygro’s to bottle sterilisers and cribs to anti-scratch mittens, when you’re preparing for a baby, there is a lot to consider. As you may be experiencing, this realisation can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed, accompanied with that resounding thought ‘how many things does one tiny person need?!’. At Nini Baby, we’re parents ourselves; we wanted to focus this blog on 5 essentials that we feel are must haves in preparation for your baby.

Where possible, the earlier you begin your essentials shopping, the better. This not only gives your plenty of time to research the products that are right for you before your due date, but it will also help to spread the cost of everything too.

Every parenting journey is different, so you may find that your ‘must haves’ look slightly different to these. However, this will hopefully aid as a starting point when you’re trying to differentiate between the fundamentals and the bits and pieces that can always come later!

The Crib

When you think of baby essentials, the crib is often the first item that comes to mind. Your little one will spend a significant amount of time sleeping in those first few months. It’s here that important physical growth and healthy mental development gets underway. Finding the right crib for you is an essential part of your parenting journey.

At Nini Baby, we speak from our own experiences when we say that a rocking baby crib changes the game when it comes to sleep. NiniPod is the perfect example of this, in beautiful Scandi inspired colours. It gently rocks, like a hammock, mimicking the natural movements of the womb, that your new born will be so used to. You can also control the cot with the simple swinging handle. The secure swaddle attaches to the mattress, to help your baby feel comforted and calm whilst safely sleeping on their back.

The Mattress

Talking of mattresses, this is essential number 2 on our list. A firm, flat baby mattress that fits snugly to the crib is an absolute must have. Baby needs to feel supported and comfortable when sleeping. Our mattress fits exactly to the NiniPod providing unparalleled breathability and comfort for your baby. It has superior pressure distribution over regular foam-based mattresses. It also helps to regulate little one’s temperature, drawing heat away from them. For ultimate convenience, it is machine washable and fast drying – perfect for busy parents!

The Changing Mat

Now, many people focus on finding a changing table. Although this can be really useful for storage, if you have the room in the nursery, a changing mat is a great alternative if you’re looking for an adaptable space saver. A changing mat means that baby can lay comfortably when being changed on any flat surface, wherever you are.

Changing Bundle

Having a grab bag or box of changing essentials is something you will use day in day out. Place it somewhere easily accessible, (one upstairs and another downstairs was very useful for us!). When little one needs changing quickly, you won’t be caught out! Restock it as and when you need to ensure that you don’t run out of those must haves. At Nini Baby, we’d recommend a pack of nappies, gentle baby wipes, nappy rash cream, and some nappy bags to get you started. Biodegradable changing essentials are always better for the environment, so it’s worth looking into those eco-friendly companies where possible.

Feeding Canister

Much like the changing bundle, a couple of boxes full of feeding essentials at home will make it easy to grab and go. It’s worth having a container in the kitchen with things like sterilising equipment, a breast pump, formula milk, bottles, teats and bottle brushes in. A few spare bibs also wouldn’t go amiss. Remember, you can change the contents of your box depending on whether you are breast feeding or not.

Having another box of feeding essentials upstairs, or in the lounge is also a great idea for easy access. In this one, pop some muslins, bibs, nipple cream, and a couple of spare Babygro’s for those times when you might be caught out!

Get in Touch

The list could go on and on, but these are just some of our favourite essentials to have ready for your new born. If you’d like to join the better sleep movement and learn a little more about Nini Baby products, then we’d love to hear from you! Follow our journey @ninibabyuk, or feel free to contact us with any questions here!