Nini Baby’s Christmas Gift Guide for Mum’s to Be

Christmas is a matter of days away; time with our families, delicious food and beautifully wrapped gifts are soon to fill the festive weekend, but in order to get there, a lot of preparation is due! This includes the Christmas shopping. If you’ve still not done yours or are having to leave it to the last minute, don’t worry Nini Baby are here to help!

Knowing exactly what to get your loved ones really helps, so that when you’re out and about, the shopping experience is as stress free as possible! Here’s our Christmas gift guide for Mum’s to be. (You can also use a few of these ideas for other family member too!)

Swing Cot

The crib is often one of the most expensive, yet important items in the newborn’s nursery. Prices vary, but if you know a few friends or family members who would want to share the cost of this generous present, that would work too! Neutral colours are on trend right now and are also great if your recipients don’t know the gender of their baby. A swing cot, like NiniPod, is neutral (in Arctic white and Nordic grey), space saving, cost effective and can help baby sleep better, because it mimics the natural movements of the womb. This means mum to be will be able to rest better too – sounds like a gift that keeps on giving, right? A swing cot is a really special and thoughtful gift that your mum to be will use for baby every single day.

Breathable Baby Mattress

It’s important that a crib has a breathable baby mattress that fits snugly inside. This promotes safe sleep and comfort. It’s best to purchase the mattress that comes with the crib, to guarantee the correct fit. NiniPod comes with a fully breathable spacer mattress, so you don’t have to worry about an additional cost, or extra delivery time – it all comes together! For additional sleep security, our attaching swaddle ensures that baby is secure and able to move naturally, whilst remaining on their back.

Cosy Comforts

Anything cosy and comfortable at Christmas will go down well! The weather is notoriously cold and bleak around this time of year, so a pair of cashmere socks, a new dressing gown or some fluffy slippers will be a well-deserved treat. Nini Baby recommend soft, button down pyjamas. These are a thoughtful gift for any mum to be, not just because they’re comfy, but they enable breast feeding with ease, giving baby a soft texture to rest against. As a mum to be, you can’t get enough comfortable clothing, so any of these suggestions would make wonderful gifts.

Spa Package

Once baby arrives, it’s highly likely that mum to be will be extremely tired and won’t be sleeping in the same routine, to accommodate night feeds. Why not bring a little luxury to them this Christmas and create a spa package, filled with everything they’ll need for a few R&R sessions! Diffusers, candles, bath soaks, shower gels, bath salts, essential oils, bump, hand and foot moisturisers are all things to consider in your box. Scents like lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus are the most relaxing, perfect for a spa day in the comfort of their own home.

Flower Subscription

Nini Baby love this idea. A flower subscription is something that mum to be can look forward to, even after Christmas. It allows the house to become a little more vibrant in the winter months too! Most companies deliver once a month and give you the choice to pick a 3, 6 or 1 year subscription. Shop around to find the best deals before your purchase!

Get in Touch

So, if you know a mamma to be, spoil her with these gift ideas this Christmas! If you, or someone you know would like to join the better sleep movement and learn a little more about Nini Baby products, then we’d love to hear from you! Follow our journey @ninibabyuk, or feel free to contact us with any questions here!