The Benefits of a Rocking Baby Crib

A rocking baby crib is arguably the best sleep option you can give your little one as they adjust to life outside the womb. It’s a known fact that rocking your baby can help to calm and comfort them, aiding vital, good quality sleep. The reasoning behind this is quite simple when you take a closer look at the logistics. Prior to birth, your baby spends every moment in the womb. Think about the amount of movement they become accustomed to after 9 months in there! Realistically, whatever movement you experience, your baby feels too.

Therefore, lying on a rigid crib surface can be extremely unsettling for a newborn. Babies naturally respond well to motion in sleep. Here at Nini Baby, we created NiniPod, which promotes better sleep through natural movement. Parent powered – created by parents for parents – we know what works! With this in mind, we wanted to take a closer look at the benefits of a rocking baby crib and how they can help your little one in these all important, first few months.

Natural Movement

Gentle and relaxing; the natural swinging motion that a rocking baby crib provides will help your little one drift to sleep, as movement from the womb is effortlessly recreated. It’ll feel like a home from home in those early weeks.

This natural movement helps to promote a healthy and timely sleep pattern, which is so important for your little one. Uninterrupted sleep is crucial for overall physical and mental development in babies. Studies show that early use of the swinging motion in infants helps to develop the vestibular system which governs our balance, motor functions and spatial orientation. A rocking baby crib, such as NiniPod, promotes the healthy development of this critical sensory system.

Comfortable and Convenient

Many parents find that holding their baby and rocking them provides ultimate comfort, but unfortunately, we can’t possibly hold a napping baby for all the hours that they sleep – as much as we would like to! A gently swinging crib is certainly the next best solution. They’ll be safe, snug and swaddled inside. A rocking baby crib is comfortable for your little one and completely convenient for any new parent.

Our rocking baby crib comes with a swaddle, further aiding that all important natural movement. Babies are encompassed in the womb as they grow, so a soft swaddle will feel natural for them. It also ensures that baby stays secure in the safest sleeping position, which is on their back. At Nini Baby, our swaddle design is hip friendly to allow little one to feel cocooned and prevent startle reflex from waking them, with the ability for full arm and leg movement. The unique attachment wings secure baby to NiniPod, giving parents peace of mind that they won’t roll onto their tummy.

Helps Colic

Consecutive weeks of crying without a solution can feel extremely unnerving to any new parent. When colic strikes, the gentle swinging motion of a rocking baby crib before and during sleep can really help. Approximately 1 in 5 babies suffer from colic, and there are a number of reasons it can occur – namely reflux, wind, constipation and even sensory overload. Soothing little one with a gentle rocking motion is a steadfast way to break the cycle.

Additionally, NiniPod has adjustable supporting arms, which can be fixed into place independently to allow different height positions, so you can find the most comfortable sleeping position for your baby. A slightly inclined sleeping position can help ease the discomfort of reflux or sinus congestion, relieving colic and providing better quality of sleep for your little one.

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These are just some of the brilliant benefits of a rocking baby crib. If you’d like to join the better sleep movement and learn a little more about Nini Baby products, then we’d love to hear from you! Follow our journey @ninibabyuk, or feel free to contact us with any questions here!