The Nordic Cot and Other Popular Trends for Your Baby’s Room

We know that getting the nursery just right for your little one is top priority when you’re expecting. From functional baby changers, to the popular Nordic cot, all the way to soothing tones and stimulating accessories; there’s a lot to consider! If you’re expecting your first baby, you’ll most likely be buying the majority of your furniture and décor from new. So, it’s important that you plan and research to ensure your vision becomes a reality!

We’d suggest starting by creating a mood board of potential colour schemes and essentials you’d like to have in the nursery. You can do this on your phone, laptop or even make a larger visual with print outs on the nursery wall or in a scrapbook. Be sure to take a look at apps like Pinterest for inspiration – they will become your best friend!

There are certain trends for the nursery that are timeless. If you’re looking for something comforting, modern and good value for money, these styles are the way to go in baby’s room. Here at Nini Baby, we thought we’d take a look at a few of the most popular to get you started on your journey!

Scandinavian Furniture

One of the most popular interior trends is Scandinavian style furniture. Finding some core pieces to put in the nursery is a brilliant way to start your decorative journey. The ‘Scandi’ design typically focuses around minimalism and simplicity. With clean cut lines and neutral or monochrome colouring at its heart, it focuses on functionality, without sacrificing aesthetics. The Nordic cot is the perfect example of this. Having been a continued success since the 1950’s, Scandinavian design shows no sign of going anywhere just yet. Household name, IKEA, built its foundations on Scandi style, it’s a great one stop shop to grab everything you need for a minimal nursery.

Nordic Cot

The Nordic cot is an extension of Scandi design, with it’s simple and neutral nature. It’s arguably the most important item in the nursery! If you really want to create a clear and minimal space, it’s worth considering an all-in-one pod. A comfortable swinging pod not only helps your little one to get a restful night’s sleep, it means that you can avoid buying an additional baby swing or seated rocker.

NiniPod is the perfect space saver, available in Nordic Grey and Arctic White, and can be packed away in less than two minutes, saving you buying a separate travel cot. The incline can be adjusted, and the accompanying extension means it grows with your baby! It also includes a comfortable, breathable mattress, with a swaddle that attaches to the crib to keep baby safe. All in one Nordic cot designs are already becoming a popular trend and are the perfect functional, yet aesthetically pleasing accessory for your nursery.

Neutral Colour

Neutral colours are timeless and have a way of complimenting anything in the room. You can easily add print or brighter colour, without the room becoming overwhelming for your little one. Earthy tones can work well too, but paler tones tend to sit more neutrally on the colour spectrum and are a great starting point for many themes i.e.: Scandi, botanical, jungle. The nude palette is broad, so you could include peachy pastels, vanilla creams, off white and even pale greys. Neutral colours are perfect for a gender-neutral room too – great for if you’re keeping the sex of your baby a surprise! This subtle décor is made for longevity and instils a tranquil and peaceful element to your baby’s room with ease.

Animal Print

Whether this comes in the form of accessories or a feature wall, animal print is a firm favourite trend when it comes to baby’s first room. Animal print is visually stimulating for your little one, but from a decorative point of view, adds that extra pop of colour and pattern where it’s needed. It also goes hand in hand with neutrals, which is why a feature wall is a popular choice with new parents. It’s a simple way of adding more, without cluttering the space. From safari and jungle theme, to woodland wildlife, each concept has a slightly different colour palette, so be mindful of this when pairing with the rest of your furniture to avoid clashing. Choosing animal print also gives you the perfect excuse to add some plants, pictures and animal accessories into baby’s room!


Accessories are extremely stimulating for little ones. From soft toys, to bunting, and mobiles to wall lights – they can all help promote fundamental brain development in babies. Canopies have been extremely popular this year, and they’re here to stay. They’re an extremely versatile trend that matches any nursery setting. They go particularly well with the Scandi style, draped over a Nordic cot. This simplistic contrast ensures that the overall look isn’t too ‘frilly’. Traditionally, a canopy hangs from the ceiling and placed over one end of the crib. This provides a comforting slumber shelter for your little one, as well as creating a beautiful centrepiece within the room. This can double up as a hideaway, perfect for making a cosy reading retreat, as your little one grows.

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From mood boards to colour palettes and furniture to feature walls, there is a lot to consider when preparing for little one’s arrival! At Nini Baby, we’d love to help you. Follow our journey and learn more about our products and the better sleep movement @ninibabyuk, or feel free to contact us with any questions here!