Nini Baby Cot: Your Frequently Asked Questions

Are you buying a NiniPod for a relative or friend this Christmas? Maybe you’ve just been gifted one as an early Christmas present? If so, this week’s blog post is for you. Over the years, we’ve been asked a lot of questions about our innovative, award winning baby cot. So, we wanted to address some of your FAQ’s, so that you are confident in joining our ‘better sleep movement’ from the very start!

What Do You Get with the Nini Baby Cot?

NiniPod comes with everything your baby needs for a perfect night’s sleep, whether you’re at home or on the move. Inside the box you’ll find:

·       NiniPod in 0-6 setting, with shelf

·       NiniPod 6-9 month extension

·       Fully breathable Nini Baby Cot Spacer Mattress

·       Nini Swaddle

·       Mosquito Screen

·       Carry Bag

What Are the Benefits of a Rocking Baby Crib?

In our opinion, the benefits are countless. From natural movement and safety, to comfort, convenience and cost effectiveness, a rocking baby crib benefits both you and baby. For an in depth look, check out our blog on the benefits here.

Is the Swinging Motion Safe?

Yes. As long as the baby cot is used responsibly, it is completely safe. NiniPod is not motorised, it’s manual, meaning you can control the rocking motion and stay connected with your baby. The accompanying Nini Swaddle ensures that your little one will always be secure, safe and comfortable when in the crib, allowing them to drift off whilst being gently swung. The gentle movements mimic that of those in the womb, so baby will be used to this level of motion whilst sleeping.

Is It Easy to Swing the NiniPod?

Yes. The gentle rocking motion is manual, and weight controlled – similar to that of a hammock. The crib moves gently with baby’s natural movements. NiniPod also comes with a pull strap attached (which is easily stored away in a zip pocket when not in use), allowing parents to easily rock their baby to sleep from the comfort of their bed, or whilst they enjoy a well-deserved brew on the sofa!

How Long Does the Nini Baby Cot Last?

Our baby cot has been specifically designed for extended use, unlike other new-born cribs which usually last 5-6 months. For most babies, NiniPod will last up to 9 months or up to a maximum weight of 12.5kg / 27.5lbs

Is It Easy to Set Up?

Yes, so easy. No tools are required, you simply pop it together in 3 simple steps. Clip the 2 arms in, slide the shelf in and attach the pod – it literally takes 2 minutes. To dismantle it, simply reverse the process above and pop into its carry bag for safe keeping.

Can I Adjust the Height?

Yes! NiniPod has 4 height settings. This can be used to adjust the overall height of the Pod to accommodate baby, or either side can be adjusted independently to place the Pod on an incline (at the side your baby’s head is resting). NiniPod can support any sleep angle, allowing you to find the most comfortable position for baby with a few easy adjustments.

Can I Use A Different Mattress/Mattress Protector or Sheets?

No. The unique Nini Spacer Mattress has been designed to be used alone. For baby’s safety, do not use other crib sheets or mattress protectors with it. Our patent pending mattress allows baby to sleep directly on it – putting anything on top of the mattress will compromise its breathability and pose a risk to safe sleeping. The top layer of the mattress can be easily zipped off and washed at 30°C; it’s also quick drying. Additionally, we also sell mattress toppers separately if you’d like multiple ones.

What If My Baby Doesn’t Like to Be Swaddled?

Usually, baby’s find being swaddled comforting and reassuring, as it’s what they’ve been used to for 9 months in the womb. However, all babies are different! With this in mind, we designed our Nini Swaddle to allow swaddling in the traditional way, with baby’s arms by their side, or by their chest. If baby finds it more comfortable, they can also sleep with their arms out, so not to restrict as much movement.

Could Little One Roll and Get Stuck in The Baby Cot?

Our Nini Swaddle (used in the 0-6 month setting), ensures baby will always be secured comfortably and safely within the baby cot. Although baby’s natural movement enables the pod to rock and bounce slightly, they would never be able to roll and get stuck. There is also an option for you to lock off the swinging function completely, but still take advantage of the gentle bouncing feature.

When NiniPod is in the 6-9 month setting, the swinging function should be locked off at all times to contain movement, now that baby is bigger and able to sit or stand by themselves. However, the light bouncing motion will still occur, to accommodate natural movement. This proves a great transition to a static cot.

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